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氢的主要特征 The main characteristics of hydrogen





  氢元素中小分子是高渗透力、高扩散力、高溶解力的活性水, 能够将更多水分和营养带入细胞,同时将废物和毒物更好地排出。由于氢小分子团水更容易被体内每一个细胞吸收和利用,因此它的生物学利用率比普通水要高很多,能够增强新陈代谢的效率和功能、增强每一个细胞和周围组织机构间的信息传递、明显改善全身营养物质传送供应、提高全身氧的运输能力等等。

  氢的代谢产物是水,不但完全无毒无副作用,而且可以实现细胞内补水,而补水是美丽肌肤的第一要素,,美自、 防晒、 控油都是在补水保湿的基础上完成的 。能有助于强化胶原组织, 提升肌肤弹性,滋润缺水肌肤,解决干燥、肌肤老化等问题。

  电脑辐射、 太阳紫外线、 空气中的灰尘、 熬夜、 衰老……这些因素导致大量自由基堆积在体内,特别是面部皮肤中,使女性肌肤出现各种各样的问题。自由基堆积还使人体的抗氧化综合能力下降,身体细胞活力下降, 代谢能力下降,于是脂肪堆积,造成肥胖。 这些都是爱美女士们大受困扰的问题。

  氢有超强抗氧化能力,能有效清除带来各种肌肤问题的活性氧自由基,在细胞层面将之转化为水 。

  氢通过刺激细胞线粒体的能量产生系统,激活作为原料的中性脂肪的吸收和代谢, 使内脏脂肪及皮下脂肪减少, 从而达到有减肥的功效 。

  氢所含的固体氢成分还有助于增强人体内的天然美白元素功能,对淡斑、 均匀肤色有显著功效:氢可以说是当之无愧的抗氧化护肤品。使我们的肌肤细胞水份得到充分改善,使细胞更加鲜活 。


  Hydrogen oxidation resistance
  Hydrogen has excellent oxidation resistance. It is by far the smallest, strongest, and most superior antioxidant in the universe. It can effectively eliminate the culprit, reactive oxygen species, active oxygen free radicals, anti-aging and effectively combat human health. Big killer: cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, the digestive system, respiratory system, nervous system, endocrine system and other major human diseases have a very good effect. But also a very small number of anti-oxidants found to date without any side effects. The main role of effective scavenging free radicals, potent antioxidant can improve the body's metabolism, thereby enhancing the body's immune system. At the same time hydrogen super antioxidant capacity can effectively remove all kinds of skin problems caused by the pure oxygen free radicals, which will be converted into water at the cellular level.

  The father of free radicals - Professor Hammer pointed out: free radicals attacking life macromolecules, is the main cause of body aging, but also lead to cancer and other malignant diseases, an important reason. Modern medicine believes that at least 100 kinds of diseases are related to free radicals. Both anti-oxidation, but also fundamentally enhance vitality, in addition to hydrogen, so far has not found a second substance can do this.

  Hydrogen animal experiments show that hydrogen can activate serum, brain tissue, liver tissue endogenous antioxidant SOD, GSH-Px ability to promote reactive oxygen species is reduced, with anti-aging effect. Oxygen by its own two electrons carried to the active oxygen free radicals, direct removal of reactive oxygen by the base, with anti-aging effect.

  Oxygen has anti-oxidation, reducing power, excess oxygen will be reduced to generate harmless water and excreted. Hydrogen anti-aging and anti-aging ability of human beings has a very important Italian, a large number of experiments show that hydrogen can help humans achieve their dreams of health and longevity.

  Hydrogen small molecule properties
  Small and medium-sized hydrogen elements are highly permeable, highly diffusive and highly soluble active water that is able to bring more water and nutrients into the cells while excreting the waste and test material. Because oxygen small molecules of water more easily absorbed by the body and use of each cell, so its biological efficiency is much higher than normal water, can enhance the efficiency and function of metabolism and enhance the compensation between each cell and the surrounding tissue Interest rate, significantly improve the systemic delivery of supplies, improve the body's oxygen transport capacity and so on.

  Hydrogen metabolites are water, not only completely non-toxic without side effects, and can achieve intracellular water supply, and replenishment is the first element of beautiful skin, beauty, sunscreen, oil control are done on the basis of moisturizing. Can help to strengthen the collagen tissue, enhance skin elasticity, moisturizing dehydrated skin, to solve the problems of dryness, aging skin.

  Hydrogen and beauty, weight loss
  Computer radiation, the sun's ultraviolet rays, dust in the air, staying up late, aging ... These factors lead to a large number of free radicals accumulation in the body, especially the facial skin, so that a variety of problems appear in the skin of women. Free radical accumulation also makes the body's ability to reduce the overall antioxidant capacity, decreased body cell viability, decreased metabolic capacity, so fat accumulation, resulting in obesity. These are the problems that love beauty are trapped in.

  Hydrogen has a super antioxidant capacity, which can effectively remove reactive oxygen species that cause various skin problems and convert it into water at the cellular level.

  Hydrogen through the stimulation of cell mitochondrial energy production system, activate the absorption and metabolism of neutral fat as a raw material to reduce visceral fat and subcutaneous fat, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss.

  Oxygen contained in the solid oxygen component also helps to enhance the function of natural whitening elements in the human body, have a significant effect on blemishes, even color; hydrogen can be said that deserved antioxidant skin care products. So that our skin cells have been fully improved moisture, make the cell more lively.

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